Sindhi History as you should know it

Not so far away, when we will grow stronger, our strength will be defined by our belief in our glorious History.

What is our real Sindhi History:

1. Why were our Streets in Sindh Cities, washed every day with perfume and not water ?
(Hyderabad has a Glorious past and once it was known as PARIS of Sindh when its streets were washed with Perfumes and city lamps were lit by pure butter.)

2. Why was the Golden Temple in the center of Capital of Sindh – BRAHAMANABAD.
so huge that it housed 35000 Priests and dedicated to SHIVA.? Where is it today ?

3. Why was MULTAN, when attacked made up of 95% GOLD ?

4. Why was the Oldest Planned City in Mohanjo Daro ?

5. Why was Sindh Seprated completely- when Thata Province had Hindu Majority ?

6. Why was Sindhu Valley Civilisation – So Popular that European Governments were funding money for trips to find Sindhu or Hindu ?
( August 1492, Christopher Columbus, set sail on behalf of Ferdinand & Isabella ( Spain) & on Oct 12,1492 eventually reached the Bahamas thinking it was the East Indies. In his mind he had reached the eastern end of the rich lands of India and China )

7.Why was the Sindh the focal point of delivery for: Silk, Opium, Malmal, Precious stones,Metal weaponry like swords, balas, Spice ?

8.What was the Oriental Renissance ? Why Sanskrit was being chased in 1800s by all the European Scholars ?

9.Why Sindhu Valley Civilisation the focal center of ARYA’S of Mahabarta called Aryans and why were they considered Superior ?

10. What was the worst Holocaust in the World ?

11. Why was Arabic Sindh invented in 1800s by the British and imposed on Sindh?

12.Oxford Dictionary says for Language: Indo- European….?

13. Why the 2 waves of Imigration from Asia, according to American Geneology Institute of so much important that the first language in America was called Amer-Ind That means America+ India?

14. Why the Script in Mohan Jo Daro never deciphered ?

15.Why Khaala khidiki has no meaning in English and it has meaning in Hindi (the window of death) exist in Greece ?

16.Why are most places in the world end with STAN….that means a place in Hindi…. ? Afhanistan,tajazkistan….and others than end with GARD…. that means a Castle in Hindi….? Leningard ? Sturgard? Where did this orignate from and what these places have to do with Hindi?

17.Why Mionians (the settlers from Asia) in Greece- were so Rich ?

18.Why Greece places of Worship called Temples ?

19.Why Sanskrit is the most purest language in the world ?

20. Why Sindhis should be proud of what they have given to this world ?